Though i'm late , i'm proud man .

Okay, bfore i start , let me tell u what it is . Haishhhh , its about Harry Potter - the Part Two man !

Oh myyy , this pic so awsomeeee .

Okayy , so u guys mesti tertanya2 why benda dah lapuk cenggini baru nak cita ek ? ok , myb some of u didnt know that i'm a SPM candidate so thats mean i dont have enough time to watch this movie. I wont watch DVD even its ori bcos this is the last part man . and i dont want to miss it like hell . haishhhh . but seriouslyyy even i late into the cnema yesterday, i could understand the whole story .

so, proudly ... i want to share a bit summary i'v done in this Part Two . hoho 

  • As i get in the cnema, that time ada psal goblin and dragon . idk what the hell they do there at first but then bru i tau yaang dia g curik a golden goblet. hehe , kudos 4myself.
  • Then, there's a part where Hermione kissing with Ron . harrrharrr . yet, i feel amused when Ginie and Harry kissing . Hahha , i dont like !
  • Most impressive is when professor 'the cat' spell something and then a stone soldier ohhh myyyy i'm specchless . how to explain huh ? from a soldier , theres lot of soldier and hell they r from stone as it at Hogward walls . argghhh , hope u guys could understand this part .
  • The sad part start when the twin - idk which one - , Fred i think , he died . Its all about to protect Hogward sch and also Harry Potter .
  • ok, Most ruthless part is when Tom Riddle aka You-Know-Who aka Voldermolt , order his snake to kill professor Snape . The way snape die is terrible and unforgiven. You know what , start from the sad part , i couldnt stop crying . haha , padahal bukan sedih sgt!
  • Then , i just know that Snape is actually a goooood man, man ! He joined Voldermolt is all about his infinite love for Lily, Harry's mother ! Well, Snape love his mother since young . But , he is so piss off when James, Harry's father seduce Lily and finally married .
  • Last but not least , the ending was awesomeeee too . Harry marry Ginie and get two kids . A boy and a girl . The boy was given name Albus Severus Potter which name of the principle and Snape . Yet, Ron Weasly married Hermione :D , what a sweet . they got two kids too but their first child is a pretty girl . hehhe , i think Haryy's son love Ron's daughter .

 Okayyy , i write a lot today . huhu , so i'm going to stop . but , my lastt viewwww .... oh please dont stop reading or hit the X button ! hoho , u know what all along this story i colud feel that i'm there , in Hogward . I joined them to protect school and also Hary Potter ! Insane right ? i know !

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