It's holidayyy weh - Nuzul Quran Day .


I have my first trial this week . Started last thursday wif BM paper and i think i'v done well . Day after is English . I do have problem a bit that morning . My stomach ache badly . so, i lack of time as i cant answer the summarize part nicely.

No holiday on Saturday nor Sunday. Got lotssss of extraaa classsses. Hurm , sokayyyy , 3 scary months left to haishhh SPM ! what to do , i must struggle all the time . Yet, Agama and Phy on Monday . These twoooo kind of SOSO . u know what SOSO means ? Nearly to fail and hardly to get A+ . Same situation goesssss on Teusday which i'm sit for Biology and Addmath . so, Teusday night i pay lot of attention to Addmath . thank god, Bio ques a bit easy to answer .

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa today i have no paper to sit and answer !

Continueeeee tomorowwwww and for sure i'm dead bcos tomorrow is Chemistry and History :'(

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