i knowwwwwww , dumb-late .

Assalamualaikum ,
I know that i have alot to write here becauseee yeah i didnt on9 for a week which mean i didnt update any post in this fantastic week . so , i,m goin to point all the story that i'm suppose update .

  • Hehe ,one more thing that i know is i,m late for wishing you all ' Happy Ramadhan , a month full of glory ' . And for god sake , i love when ramadhan come over . This timeee i can do a lot of good thing . I hopeee i gain lot of pahala :) Well , i dont think it's a bad behaviour to gain pahala right ? or even think how to gain them . HAHA .
  • Plussss , this Ramadhan , i have plenty of time to do revision . Hurmmmm, sometime i feel like takingg 11 subs is like a burden . I just scared of cant cope wif SPM and for sure let my parents down ifffff .... yeah , you must know the next word right ?
  • But , the problem is i'm more to sleep than read books . Haishhhh , but not most the time keyh ? Sometimeeeee . hehehe.
  • Anddd hurm , my trial is next weeekkkk  , haishhhhh .

Okeyh , i guesss thats it . HAHA , what a **** post . hehe  . Oh , beforeee i forgettttt thanks for my new followerssss :D


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