Jeles plus Malu equal to ...

10112010 ,
aloha n assalamualaikum also good morning friends . i just got home from work . fuh , dayuummy tired . but not as tired as work on Sundays .

whateva lah kan , haha , u all mesti tak sabo nak bace ape yang Jeles ni ? kankan . ( ciss , over plak writer nih ^^ )


while i'm busy raising dirty dishes to clean up the table , i was shocked by a news . news that arvind get 90 over 100 for his bio , paper 2 . awesomazing huh ? cool yeah ! overall score for his bio papers are 84 over 100 , which mean he get A . gahhhhhhhhhhhh , i hate this condition . huahuahau .

the above news makes me feel jealous but very little . what am i most jealous n frustrated is when ina get 84 over 100 in her bio's paper ( overall ! ) huuuuuuuuuu , she didn't touch any book on the exam day and even the night before .

HAHA , this means i need to add lotsa knowledge in my brain so i can have an amaze brain as her. kan kan ? 


okeh , about Malu pulak . For me , it is one of the most humiliated memory ever happen in my life ! The story started when i just walked out from starbucks door to get my mommy . she had been waited me for about one and half hour . 

after passing the starbucks' glass door , i was walking on a quite slippery floor . before , i almost slipped . Others are so today , i slipped ! i slipped down like a dummy . siottt , gile malu !

wutwut :// some of my good mood have lost ............... grrrrrrrrrrrr -,-' . HAHA

sekian :D .

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